Legacy Pixel Transformer

Introducing a revolutionary new product to solve worldwide Legacy Display problems - The Legacy Pixel Transformer.

The LPT is a unique RGB video scaler designed for Slow Scan signals. It transforms the low pixel count produced by legacy System controllers into full screen displays on modern TFT monitors.

It accepts a wide range of non-standard RGB video signals (analogue or TTL) and transforms them into DVI-D format with scaling according to the native resolution of the PC monitor. (SVGA, XGA or SXGA) Low refresh rate or interlaced signals are displayed flicker-free with superb clarity. 60+ timings in the 15kHz-40kHz range are pre-programmed at delivery. Unknown signals are automatically displayed but some fine adjustments will be required for optimization. New settings are stored and automatically recalled when connected again.




Legacy Pixel Transformer

  • Specially designed for Slow Scan Signals (eg. Siemens WF470, ABB MOD300, GEM 80)
  • TTL, Analogue & Interlaced Signals accepted
  • Automatic save of new signal timings
  • Output to any standard DVI-D TFT monitor
  • BNC & 15-D input connectors
  • Selectable output Resolution according to DVI-D monitor used
  • Rugged Metal Construction with mounting points

  Spec Sheet



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