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Teleline has designed and manufactured drop-in replacements for automation, process control and a variety of industrial, military, transportation and machine tool applications where replacement of the original CRT monitor has become impossible. We have a wide range of slow-scan CRT monitors but are finding increased interest in our expanding range of LCD/TFT monitors designed to replace the original CRT.



Factory Automation

Managing costs is key to success. A failed monitor results in stalled production creating a stressful situation. Teleline can help minimize your down time and manage costs by providing OEM quality LCD monitors to replace obsolete CRT bases monitors.
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CNC Machine Tool

Probably the most diverse segment of all is the machine tool market. Having built monitors directly to machine tool manufacturers for GE Fanuc, GE, Allen Bradley, Cincinatti, Sodick. Teleline understands the market, and the harsh industrial environment of a production floor.
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Process Control

Teleline Canada recognizes the unique requirements for the process control marketplace. Maintaining existing equipment is key to managing costs. Replacing large, old obsolete CRT based monitors is easy and cost-effective with the KME Legacy Pixel Controller.
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If you are looking to manage your production display costs, the Teleline 17” LCD (01-01790) will help get you there.
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Teleline carries a complete range of approved monitors for worldwide marine applications where low EMI and long-term vibration resilience are essential criteria.
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Monitor displays are critical in the military. Teleline has gathered all these important details, and has created monitors that consist of all these features.
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Teleline carries a wide range of monitors for the transportation industry. Whether the application is for an airline or a railway, Teleline has a solution.
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Public Information Displays (PIDs)

Large format displays for indoor and outdoor use.
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Products by Industry

Emergency Display

Meet ED - the Emergency Display. ED is a KME multi-scan 15” LCD industrial display designed to keep your production running smoothly while you source a permanent solution.

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