All About ED

A machine down due to a failed monitor creates a very stressful situation. Paid production staff standing around while you scramble for a solution - not a good situation to be in. You need answers FAST. What do you do? You can call the OEM. If they still support the machine, how much will the monitor cost? How long will it take to get one? What if the machine is no longer supported? You can search the internet for a solution, but that can take a lot of time that you don’t have. Ever wondered if anyone would invent a monitor that could be used in an emergency? Look no further!

Meet ED - the Emergency Display. ED is a KME multi-scan 15” LCD industrial display designed to keep your production running smoothly while you source a permanent solution. Providing there is an external signal source, ED will work. ED comes with a wide variety of common video connectors, power supplies and cables you need to get your machine up and running, ED’s one-button auto set-up is easy to use. Multiple plants - no problem. ED comes in an rugged industrial case, ready to be shipped to another location or for storage until the next crisis. ED comes with one year parts and labour warranty. Please click the link below for ED spec sheet.

Sounds great doesn’t it! But much does ED cost? ED costs less than you might think.

How can you get your own ED? It’s so easy! Simply click on the “contact us” link below. Give us your contact information and we’ll call you within one business day of receiving your email. Or you can call 1-866-725-4200 and ask for “ED.” Need more information? We’ll be happy to answer any questions about how ED will work for you.


  Spec Sheet ED Instructions


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