CNC Machine Tool

Probably the most diverse segment of all is the machine tool market. Having built monitors directly to machine tool manufacturers for GE Fanuc, GE, Allen Bradley, Cincinatti, Sodick. Teleline understands the market, and the harsh industrial environment of a production floor. Our monitors are built to withstand these demanding conditions, including shock and vibration. No matter what the size, pin configuration, video standard or mechanical fit, we can help. Whether you are replacing a monitor on a milling/turning CNC, injection molding or EDM machine, Teleline Canada has an LCD solution at a price you can afford!

Replacing your obsolete CRT monitor with a cost-effective LCD will not only save you money at the point of purchase, but for years to come.

One hour of your time can save money, prevent mounting issues and needless waste. Simply remove the tube and electronics from your chassis. Ours kits come ready for mounting. All you need is an hour and a screwdriver - we'll throw in four screws. Re-connect the power and video and you're back up!
Go from CRT to this in a Teleline LCD hour. Now that's innovative!



8.4" LCD Monitors
10.4" LCD Monitors
12.1" LCD Monitors
15.1" LCD Monitors


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