Most OEMs cannot support their older monitors because of the technological changes in CRTs. Teleline provided me with the solutions I desperately needed to keep my customers up and running. Thanks Teleline, you have created a Raving Fan in me.

Richard Saxton
Florence, SC

Koch Machine Tool represents several premier machine tool builders. Try telling your customer that the CRTs are no longer available, but you can sell them an LCD upgrade for 4 times the original cost of a CRT! That's when I went to Teleline to see if they would build replacement CRT assemblies for us. They came back with a product that was superior to the OEM's. They have delivered a quality product, on schedule, and at a reasonable price. I am a hero in my customers' eyes and Teleline is a hero in my eyes.

Rick Mudra
KOCH Machine Tool Co.
8500 Westland West Blvd.
Houston, TX

Teleline is an excellent supplier that warrants mention. The most outstanding feature of the Teleline team is they truly care about their products and our business. This is demonstrated during every phone call and business transaction. We truly feel like a customer and received first rate personal attention. Teleline has an outstanding delivery performance record. Beyond simple delivery, Teleline is very responsive to our scheduling requirements. This is critical in the dynamic PC market and Teleline is always there to help us. Product support is another area that the Teleline team excels. Products are supported very proactively with customer involvement. This leads to a stable product at a very good quality level. Keep up the great work!

S. Scott Sober, Director of Operations
Xycom Automation

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